Accessories That You Need For Your Glass Pipes

If you own a glass pipe and want to improve your smoking experience you should get the following accessories. These will help you enhance your smoking experience if you are serious about smoking herbs the right way.


If you want to turn your herb into a smokable blend then an herb grinder is what you need. It also ensures that there is no loss of valuable herbs. It also limits any potential odors.

Glass Cleaner

To keep your glass pipe in top condition and make it long lasting, clean them regularly. There are many different glass pipe cleaners that prevent your glass pipe from eroding and removes any residual char or resin. You can look for these at

Ash Catcher

It is one of the best accessories for water pipe smokers. An ash catcher helps in getting soother hits by filtrating and diffusing the smoke. It prevents your glass water pipe from getting dirty.

Another Glass Pipe

It’s always a better option to have another glass pipe as your back up. You can buy two different types of glass pipes. If normally you use a simple glass pipe then you can buy a water glass pipe so that you can switch whenever you want.


If you are a smoker then you probably know the basics. Getting a lighter is one of the basic requirements for smoking so it’s better that you get yourself a good quality Zippo then a cheap store-bought lighter.

Eye drops

Smoking can cause excessive strain on your eyes sometimes. To prevent people from finding out that you have been smoking then it is better that you carry eye drops with yourself.

Smoking is truly appreciated when it is done right, sometimes you can resolve your smoking issues at home but if you invest in these accessories it will enhance your smoking experience and make it worthwhile.

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