American Higher Education Hitting a Decline

The younger generation in America is finally becoming more diverse as far as race is concerned, however, this is also alarming because many states are now spending less tax money on education than ever before. In a shocking revelation last year, American ended up crossing a new milestone as the public universities as well as colleges got most of their revenue from sources such as tuitions, and not from the government.

By looking at the statistics, the shift is happening at a crucial time in the history of America when the nation’s youth is finally heading towards more racial diversity than ever before. Now this also raises some question; are the resources decreasing because the diversity is rising, or both of these phenomenas are moving independently. Whatever the case is, this is still a development that is neither good for America’s economy, nor for its higher education.

The fact that students are getting more racially diverse also means that higher education is bringing in more people who have suffered the inequalities both economically, and academically. At the same time, the resources from taxpayers that are supposed to help the students are slowly disappearing. This is a perfect recipe for an economic imbalance, as well as a fall in competitiveness on the national level.

Over the course of last decades, American has seen a demographic, and financial change that has revamped the entire higher education system. Looking as back as 2000, nearly all the K-12 public schools comprised of the 3/5th of white students in the US. However, in 2014, the students of colour ended up being the majority for the first time ever. The statistics also show that the share will end up reaching 55 percent in the coming decade. According to the numbers, by June 2025, students of color will have the majority of the high school graduation.

As the shift in landscape unfolds, the states have started pulling back the support for the higher education. This withdrawing decision has changed the landscape in such a way that the cost has moved to parents as well as students whereas it was being handled by the taxpayer dollars before. Back in 1992, college tuition was not the major source of income for these institutes, but since last year, tuitions have become the force behind generating almost half of the total revenue. That is not all, what is shocking is that this effect has been witnessed in 28 states.

While the situation looks stark at the moment, it is important to understand that the effects of this situation are bad for both the economic status of America, as well as academic. For the longest time, the country has prided itself for using the taxpayer’s money for the betterment of education, but this recent shift paints a rather scary picture for the education system that is currently in America. The negative externalities are not only effecting people of colour, but also white people as it can cause the tuition fees to take a toll.

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