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A Break From The Responsibility of Being a Parent

Back in the day, most families followed the format of a ‘nuclear’ family. While there’s nothing radio-active about this kind of a family system, despite what it’s called, nuclear families are the kind of families where the dad is the bread winner who goes out and works to provide for his family while the mom stays home and cooks, cleans and nurtures the children. There was once a time when this was the only acceptable kind of a family system, but obviously those times have changed now.

You may have seen nuclear families in old commercials from the 70’s or so. They seem very happy in these commercials and they probably were too. However, these days we have many different kinds of families; though we still have nuclear families, we also have families where both parents work to provide or sometimes it’s just the mother who works while the dad stays home and plays the role of a home maker. We also have families that consist of a single parent doing all the work and raising the children.

Back when nuclear families were the only acceptable type of family, these other family systems were seen as a stigma of some sorts. These days, we’re accepting of the fact that how a family wants to live and function together is up to them and that’s how it should be. Even with that being the case, families where both parents work or where there’s a single parent still need to get away from home and leave their kids in someone’s care – this is where Nannies Plus Us can be of assistance. The kid’s grandparents aren’t always available to spend time with their grandchildren, which is why hiring a nanny to look after your kids for a short while is a good idea.

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