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Heading to Miami? Check This Out!

Planning a nice summer vacay to Miami with your family or friends? Well, not without reading this, you’re not! Miami is a tourist hotspot and people all around the world know about it (maybe we have Pitbull to thank for that too, maybe?). Even though Miami is so popular, most people who take a trip to Miami actually miss out on a lot of stuff and that’s why if you’re planning your vacation there, you need to read this!

Miami is known for its beaches but what if we told you that there’s far more to enjoy in Miami than juts views of the Oceans and chilling around on the nice warm sands? Sure, there’s plenty of sunbathing, cocktail sipping and swimming to do but when you book a bus from Tampa to Miami, we want you to be ready to explore the art and culture scene there as well. You can book your bus at, by the way.

Museum of Science

Looking for a place to visit that is both awe inspiring and makes you feel like you’re learning something new and interesting? Well, then there’s plenty of amazing feats to feast your eyes on at the Miami Phillip and Patricia Frost museum. The massive aquarium they have is home to aquatic life that you’ll never see just from the beaches.

Gardens And Photo Ops

If your trips are never complete without a few photos at some beautiful backdrop that looks like it’s fit for royalty, then you just have to visit Vicaya Museum and Gardens, which is home to some 143 acres of breath taking landscapes and lush green gardens that will make you want to stay there and never leave.

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Visit The Adelaide State Icon Hotel

If you ask any person living in Australia what the most iconic thing about it is, quite a few people will point you in the direction of the great Adelaide Mount Lofty House Hotel in Southern Australia. As the name suggests this venue used to be one of the great family homes in Adelaide and was actually first constructed in 1852. Ever since then it has been repaired, extended, refurnished, and even reconstructed almost entirely from scratch after being burnt down in the great hill fires back in the 1980s. After being remade it has been used as a luxury boutique hotel for people looking for a luxurious getaway.

The hotel is extremely classy and has a bit of something for every person who visits them. You can go down to the beach and get yourselves some sun, you can play tennis in the courts of the hotel or go for a walk in its garden and grounds, you can dine at the 3 chef hat restaurant inside the hotel, you could go trekking in the hill areas surrounding the hotel, or you could even just relax and enjoy wine from one of the world top ten wine capitals. There is so much more to do here, that it simply cannot be included in just one article.

The staff in particular is one of the best things about this place as well. The hospitality and comfort provided by them is unmatched in any other place. In fact, it is tradition to take the first evening at the hotel and spend it with the staff in the library as they host night drinks and then begin a tour of the house to help you feel more connected to it as they tell you more about the history of the great estate.

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The Perfect Trip to Goa

Everybody thinks of having a beachside vacation every once in a while but the fact is that a lot of beach vacation can only offer you the beach. Now that could be a lot of people’s cup of tea but then a lot of people might find that sort of a thing boring. Some people want to have a vacation to be close to nature that is what bring them relaxation but for some people they need more extroverted activities than just lying down on the beach. They want to have fun or go to a party so that they in their own way can find relaxation.

Luckily for both these people, Goa caters to both these types of people. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert. No matter who you are you will find a fun activity for you when you go to Goa. There is a lot of water activities and not to mention the open air night clubs and party centrals. Even if you want to have a relaxing time alone, there are still many location where you can unwind and just enjoy the view. You will also find a lot of restaurants in Goa where you can enjoy the fresh seafood that is brought in from the sea every day.

So if you plan on going to Goa for a vacation then start searching for budget hotels in Goa.  You will find a lot of options and you can choose one according to your preference. So plan your vacation and bring your friends and family. It’s an experience that they will all cherish. So don’t wait and pack your bags, the beautiful beaches of Goa await you.

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Reasons to Visit Scotland

Scotland is one of the greatest places in the world to go to as a tourist. There is so much to do and so much to see that every person can enjoy themselves and can do a whole number of things. While Scotland will have a number of things that most touristy places have, like some great restaurants that have achieved recognition the world over and also have an amazing night life with lots of clubs and partying, it also has a lot of things that most places in the world does not have and that is exactly what we will be talking about today in this article. We will discuss some of the great things in Scotland that will be difficult to find at any other place in such an accessible manner. If you want more in depth details of all the tourist attractions and events in Scotland then you can simply go online and visit for more information.

Depending on when you go to Scotland you will end up going through some amazingly crazy and amazing festivals and celebrations all over the country. Some personal favorites are the Burns Night celebration and the Santa Dash. The Burns Night celebrations are held on the 25th of January every year and people gather together to recite the works of Robert Burns. It is an amazing experience where you can sit with your friends or stranger, loudly recite poetry and drink the night away with locally brewed Scotch.

The Santa dash on the other hand is a huge charity event held in Glasgow where literally half of the city will end up dressed as Santa Claus and run around the streets of Glasgow. You will see a red stampede of thousands of Santa Claus as they race around the city.

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