Do’s And Don’ts in a Coffee Shop

Do not confuse cannabis coffee shops with cafes, or American coffee shops that serve coffee. These coffee shops located in Amsterdam, a city in the Netherlands are local dispensaries for marijuana, these shops are legal and are a great place to get high. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for you to be more educated about the use of cannabis in Amsterdam. To be even more educated about marijuana use, you can always rely on

  1. How to indicate a coffee shop?

A coffee shop should not be confused with a café. Most of the time the luring smell of cannabis will guide you to the right place. But, in case you are new to Amsterdam and are not familiar with this culture, you can just look for the green and white sticker in the window. This sticker is basically a license.

  1. Don’t ask for alcohol at a coffee shop. A shop has either cannabis or alcohol. According to a Dutch law, a shop can either sell liquor or cannabis.
  2. Every coffee shop has its own menu, so you should always check the menu as you can get stuff that you are new to. Every time is categorized differently depending on its weight. You can get pre-rolled joints, and baked goods with marijuana in them too.
  3. Always start off slowly. If you are in a group of friends, start with one bag (not 3 bags). The stuff provided can be much stronger than you think, and should never be bought in bulk. Because you can always come back.
  4. Sometimes we have our own joints, and just want to chill somewhere. It is perfectly fine to go to a coffee shop and not always buy cannabis but is extremely rude to not even get a drink and just sit there using their license as a way to get through.
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