Heading to Miami? Check This Out!

Planning a nice summer vacay to Miami with your family or friends? Well, not without reading this, you’re not! Miami is a tourist hotspot and people all around the world know about it (maybe we have Pitbull to thank for that too, maybe?). Even though Miami is so popular, most people who take a trip to Miami actually miss out on a lot of stuff and that’s why if you’re planning your vacation there, you need to read this!

Miami is known for its beaches but what if we told you that there’s far more to enjoy in Miami than juts views of the Oceans and chilling around on the nice warm sands? Sure, there’s plenty of sunbathing, cocktail sipping and swimming to do but when you book a bus from Tampa to Miami, we want you to be ready to explore the art and culture scene there as well. You can book your bus at https://ourbus.com/routes/tampa-to-miami, by the way.

Museum of Science

Looking for a place to visit that is both awe inspiring and makes you feel like you’re learning something new and interesting? Well, then there’s plenty of amazing feats to feast your eyes on at the Miami Phillip and Patricia Frost museum. The massive aquarium they have is home to aquatic life that you’ll never see just from the beaches.

Gardens And Photo Ops

If your trips are never complete without a few photos at some beautiful backdrop that looks like it’s fit for royalty, then you just have to visit Vicaya Museum and Gardens, which is home to some 143 acres of breath taking landscapes and lush green gardens that will make you want to stay there and never leave.

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