Kayaking With Your Dog Can Be Both Fun And Risky – Here’s How

Kayaking with dogs has become a very popular activity as people want to spend time on the waters but prefer the company of dogs over people. It is viewed as a relaxing activity where you sail to a pretty point on the waters and view the sunset while listening to music in the company of your dog. The activity is both therapeutic and relaxing. However, it could end disastrously if you’re not doing it properly. The dog should be trained before it is taken out on the waters as kayaking with a dog can get very dangerous and might end in you losing your dog.

How to Train Your Dog For Kayaking?

You should start with figuring out whether your dog is comfortable with water or not. Some breeds are born water friendly such as Labrador. But not all dogs are water friendly and might start freaking out when you kayak to your favorite point of the lake. You can’t expect the dog to not panic if it has never been out on water and you put it in a kayak. It is necessary that the dog stay still however, it won’t if you haven’t given him proper training. After you’re done with teaching the dog how to swim, take it out on a kayak on shallow waters and stay near the shore. This way, even if the dog starts panicking, and worst case scenario, the kayak topples over, you’ll be able to swim back to the shore easily. The dog will be able to make the judgment that it’s not all that scary. You should also make it familiar with particular sound drills so that it follows your command and puts you and itself in a safe position.

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