Learn About The Different Features of a Massage Chair

If you do not use massage chairs often then it is possible that you are unaware of the features of it but you can learn all about them here as we will be explaining the main features. If you are looking for a good massage chair, then here is the best massage chair guide and will benefit from this article as you will become aware of the features of a massage chair which will ultimately help you when you will go out to shop for one.

Zero Gravity

This feature is actually the courtesy of NASA itself as the technology allows the body to be in a position that is something that can be experienced in space only when there is no gravity. Even though this feature would not let you float in air, it does help your pressure points of body as the stress on them is relieved completely and the muscles can relax fully as long as this feature is working. The feature allows the massage to be more beneficial than a traditional hand massage as it relieves pain completely from the muscles.

Air Bags

This feature is sometimes called air cells too and this is needed because there are many areas of the body where rollers should not and cannot be used which is where the air bags step in as they apply the right amount of pressure to eradicate the pain in the muscles and relax them.


Rollers are common features of massage chairs and are very important as they provide deep tissue massage and the different number of rollers provide different massage experience and they are an important part of the massage chair because they are the part that works best on smoothing out the knots and getting out the pain.

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