Permission to Enter Your Home

If you have a cat then it’s a given that you can’t just let your feline friend stay indoors at all times; you cat needs to get out to play and do his business and since you can’t always be standing at the door for your cat, you need to give your cat his/her own way in and out of your home and the best way to do that is to get a cat flap installed in your door.

The cat flap is basically a small dedicated door for your cat to use to get in and out of your house but it presents a little bit of a problem as well; very soon cats from other houses in your neighbourhood might start casually walking into your house as if they live there. Now, these furry intruders don’t really mean much harm but your own cat certainly isn’t going to be too happy about neighbourhood cats trespassing on his domain (the cat owns the house, you just live there, you know how it is).

The best way to avoid this kind of a thing is to restrict the entry of your cat flap to only your own cat. We live in a technologically advanced era where we have electric cat flaps that only allow your cat to get inside after they read the microchip on your cat’s collar – pretty neat, huh? You can read microchip cat flap reviews to learn more about what variety of microchip cat flaps you can find in the market and which one would do the job for you. If you have lots of cats, you can rest assured that they can all use the same microchip cat flap since you can store up to even 32 cat IDs on one cat flap.

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