Cards V-bucks will soon be marketed

Epic Games recently announced that V-bucks cards usable on Fortnite will soon be available from select retailers.

Have you ever considered buying V-bucks cards and using them on Fortnite Battle Royale? Know that soon you will be able to do so. Indeed, Epic Games recently announced that V-bucks cards will soon be on the market.

However, those cards are currently only available for purchase in the United States and soon in Mexico, Canada and Germany. Depending on France, this should happen over time.

Let’s talk about a new way to get V-bucks! In the coming weeks, several retailers in the United States will be offering V-bucks cards. This will be available in stores and online.

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V-bucks cards work wherever possible to play Fortnite. After purchasing a V-bucks card, visit: to learn more about how to collect your V-bucks, no matter where you play. Soon there will be retailers in Mexico, Canada and Germany, and other countries will also be affected as we offer V-bucks cards in other regions.

In addition, many new Fortnite products will be available in holiday season stores. For some participating retailers in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany, any purchase of a licensed product from Fortnite will include a gift code that allows you to unlock the Festive Candy pickaxe in the game for free, within the limits of the shares available.