The Right Way of Walking Your Cat

You might notice a new trend these past few years, and that is seeing people actually walking their cats. It sounds really absurd as first because cats are not really the type of animals you picture to be taking on walks. It seems like it goes against their nature, however, people have found that a lot of cats seem to take a liking to walks and enjoy them quite thoroughly. Now, if you happen to have a cat at home and you want to see if they might take to the outdoors, you want to make sure you do it the right way.

You have to ease your cat in the process because if you just take them outside directly, they can get overwhelmed and it can become really difficult to calm them down. The first thing you need to do is to train your cat to get adjusted to leashes and harnesses indoors before you venture outside. This allows the cat to familiarize itself with the leash and get used to wearing one and having you hold onto it. So, you need to take small steps and reward your cat with treats along the way to reinforce the behavior.

If you happen to live in a busy and loud area, you want to make sure your cat first experiences the outdoors in a more quitter setting. So, you need to get your cat a cat carrier and drive them somewhere where there is less stimuli so that they are not immediately overwhelmed. If you do not have a cat carrier, you can find one by visiting Once you get your cat to the location, safely secure the harness or leash and let them cat take its time and set its own pace while exploring the area.

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