Visit The Adelaide State Icon Hotel

If you ask any person living in Australia what the most iconic thing about it is, quite a few people will point you in the direction of the great Adelaide Mount Lofty House Hotel in Southern Australia. As the name suggests this venue used to be one of the great family homes in Adelaide and was actually first constructed in 1852. Ever since then it has been repaired, extended, refurnished, and even reconstructed almost entirely from scratch after being burnt down in the great hill fires back in the 1980s. After being remade it has been used as a luxury boutique hotel for people looking for a luxurious getaway.

The hotel is extremely classy and has a bit of something for every person who visits them. You can go down to the beach and get yourselves some sun, you can play tennis in the courts of the hotel or go for a walk in its garden and grounds, you can dine at the 3 chef hat restaurant inside the hotel, you could go trekking in the hill areas surrounding the hotel, or you could even just relax and enjoy wine from one of the world top ten wine capitals. There is so much more to do here, that it simply cannot be included in just one article.

The staff in particular is one of the best things about this place as well. The hospitality and comfort provided by them is unmatched in any other place. In fact, it is tradition to take the first evening at the hotel and spend it with the staff in the library as they host night drinks and then begin a tour of the house to help you feel more connected to it as they tell you more about the history of the great estate.

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