Wear Rompers According to Your Body Type

Even if you are not a part of the fashion industry, you would know that bodies are often classified according to different styles. The purpose behind this is to identify and wear outfits that bring out an individual’s best features while avoiding clothes that might not suit the person that much. The categorization is a good thing because it has allowed fashion experts to recognize and impart knowledge about the different styles that will look good on different body types.

We are here to talk about what you need to look for in your romper according to your body type. Once you have determined your body type and know which romper would suit you the best, you can get a fashionable romper from Trendy Rompers.

Rectangle Shape

A person is said to have a rectangle shaped body if he/she has almost the same measurements throughout the body. You can easily recognize by noticing whether your shoulders and hip bones are of the same measurements or not. If you do have a rectangle shaped body, try to wear rompers that accentuate the shoulders like off-shoulder or ones that have a thin shoulder strip. Another great option is to go for rompers that have a belt, tying sash or drawstring as that would pull attention to your waist.

Pear Shape

Often called triangle body shape is one where the bust is smaller than the hip bones. If you have a small bust and wide buttocks, you have a pear shaped body. You should try to create the illusion that your upper body is of the small measurement as your lower body so wear rompers that have a round neck.

Hour Glass

Hour glass body shaped people should go for rompers that hug their curves perfectly.

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