What Makes Anabolic Running Different

If you look at people who run regularly, be it on the treadmill, marathons or even professional track athletes, you will notice that all of them are actually skinny, and that they do not really have a built, buff body type. This is because they are doing regular cardio, and regular cardio falls under catabolic training. If you are not familiar with the term, then catabolic training basically involve exercises that engage the cardiovascular system and makes you lose overall body mass. So, people who only do catabolic exercises like running, swimming, cycling etc. are going to lose muscle mass along with fat since proteins are also broken down to create energy.

If you are not really keen on losing muscle mass and instead want to build muscle mass, then you need to switch towards anabolic running. Anabolic running is more high intensity running and the results of it actually end up building muscle rather than losing it. You can even check out https://buffedd.com/reviews/anabolic-running for other people’s experience and take on anabolic running.

Anabolic running is high intensity because it basically consists of sprint interval training. The program requires you to run a 45 second sprint with a three minute interval. You have to repeat this 10 times, and this has to be done twice a week. During this program, you put a lot of strain on your body and this in turn releases lactic acid, and once lactic acid is released in your body, your growth hormone and testosterone level increases. Normal cardio is not intense enough for your body to release lactic acid and this is why you do not gain muscle and end up losing them instead. Anabolic running is a great high-intensity workout which is suitable only for men because of the amount of testosterone that is released.

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